All interested researchers are invited to submit their papers in one of the following conference main topics, or in any other relevant subjects.

• Energy Efficient Building Design and Construction

1. Climate Responsive Buildings and Urban Design

2. Solar Architecture

3. Energy Efficient Construction Technologies

4. Energy Efficient Building Systems and Technologies

5. Smart Buildings

• Building Energy Performance Monitoring, Modeling, and Analysis

1. Energy Conservation Practices

2. Optimization of Energy Demand and Use in Buildings

3. Modeling and Analysis of Energy Efficient and Passive Buildings

4. Energy Efficient Appliances and Equipment

5. Green Energy Rating Systems in Buildings

• Renewable Energy Applications in Buildings

1. Design and Performance of Building-Integrated Renewable Energy Technologies

2. Optimization and Operation of Renewable Energy Systems

3. Promotions and Commercialization

4. ICT Applications in Renewable Energy Applications

• Building Energy Efficiency Policies, Standards, and Management

1. Performance Standards for New and Retrofitted Buildings

2. Energy Saving Policies and Measures

3. Enforcement Systems and International Agreements

4. Building Energy Policies and Standards

5. Sustainable Energy Education, Awareness, and Capacity Building